Welcome to the Poddy

Bung Bung!

Claytron shares his strong, funny, emotionally charged points of view on life, sports, politics, film, music, and everything in between on the Welcome to the Poddy Podcast.

With regular guests, the Welcome to the Poddy podcast aims to be the most charitable podcast by playing games with guests to win the chance for Welcome to the Poddy to donate to the charity of their choice!

You can listen to Welcome to the Poddy via your favourite podcast app!

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Claytron aka the phd of podcasting

Co-Founder, Writer, and Voice of the show

Clay is a beer and coffee drinking, video game playing, tall, dark, and handsome unpaid film critic. He is based in Adelaide, Australia, but his opinions are global.

international heem aka the global go-getter

Co-Founder, Writer, and Voice of the show

Te is a professional basketball player, travelling to wherever the money takes him. He brings the banter you know and love, and is often the voice of reason.


money makin' mitch aka triple m

Producer, Editor, Recording Engineer, and Social Media Guru

Mitch punches in sound effects, sources images, locks in guests, and does the research that Clay and Te refuse to do. He is also based in Adelaide.