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Claytron shares his strong, funny, emotionally charged points of view on life, sports, politics, film, music, and everything in between on the Welcome to the Poddy Podcast.

With regular guests, the Welcome to the Poddy podcast aims to be the most charitable podcast by playing games with guests to win the chance for Welcome to the Poddy to donate to the charity of their choice!

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guest of the year candidates

Have a look below at the guests who have been on the show throughout the year. Voting will start in December to give future guests an equal chance to win!

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Corey Maynard

Corey got in the hot seat and ended up interviewing the PhD of Podcasting on his own show. Hot takes and real talk with a bit of Christmas cheer to top it off. Not a bad start to 2019.

Ep. 105 & 156

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Marcus McKenzie

This filmmaking meistro won 5 awards for his short, The Projectionist, which is no surprise if you pay attention to Clay’s Reviews. He was feeling the pressure during the game portion of the show, which made for fantastic content. Y’like movies? This may be the guest for you.

Ep. 117

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Sailing Nandji

The first guest couple, sailing around the world doing good deeds. Setting a great example for the world’s most charitable podcast. You may even learn some pirate trivia from these two!

Ep. 123

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Jack Littman

Soldier, actor, singer, professionally good-looking. It’s hard to meet more criteria for a Welcome to the Poddy guest spot. He made film trivia knowledge history on WTTP, great grounds for GOTY.

Ep. 125


Chris Caldicott

Chris wrote a book for people who don’t like reading. Now that’s almost as good as “a show about nothing.” He’s a gamer and a big time basketball fan. Can’t identify with that? You gotta get checked out.

Ep. 127


captain davo

He’s a degenerate gambler, with charisma for days. About big wins only, just like the Welcome to the Poddy podcast. Not afraid to blow a pay check in one night of gambling? Do it for the boys, this is the guest for you.

Ep. 129 & 164

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.13.24 pm.png

flash 89

He loves music almost as much as he loves dogs. He’s got a temper that rivals that of the Bossman, so when they get together, sparks start to fly. You like to talk shit? Say no more.

Ep. 130

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.07.23 pm.png

tom chisholm

Tom can go from deep and meaningful to silly goose at the flick of a switch. From business to current events like nobody’s business. With a taste for what the people need to hear, Tom Chisholm knows what it takes to bang on the Welcome to the Poddy podcast.

Ep. 130

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steven Coombe

Calvin Fresh has acted as the resident NBA Playoff analyst for the Welcome to the Poddy podcast for two consecutive years. With a wealth of knowledge and emotional bias for the Celtics, he is a purebred WTTP guest.

Ep. 135, 138, 143, & 147

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 11.55.09 am.png

Hausmate dan

Hausmate Dan loves the birds and has regularly brought sanity back to the show to prevent the Bossman from ranting into a camera and backing up his own ignorance. This man has probably prevented lawsuits and hashtags from attacking the Welcome to the Poddy podcast, the most charitable podcast.

Ep. 116, 121, 145 & 157

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.12.07 pm.png

Jordan “biggie” Steffens

Biggie has come on the show a number of times to discuss all things strongman. He is the spirit animal of the Welcome to the Poddy podcast. With a heart as big as his biceps, he is always doing as much as he can for various charities.

Ep. 142


rachey lemon

Rach occasionally joins the show to add a bit of flavour and ride this crazy roller coaster we like to call the Welcome to the Poddy podcast. She’s a good sport and loves to get involved in the banter. The better half of the Clumsy Jeweller.

Ep. 113, 133, 136, 146, 155 & 169

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 5.34.23 pm.png

Joel Williams

With a noggin full of knowledge and a challis full of bookmaker blood, this man’s love for the punt makes all our bankrolls smile. Bet with Joel is a service designed for all subscribers to beat the bookies, since Joel has been suspended from all major bookmakers in Australia (literally for winning too much). Have a listen to his episode as he shows of his skills to win a major donation to charity.

Ep. 152

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.02.33 pm.png

Briana Bowley

Founder of the Live Free Group, Briana is passionate about opening the minds of athletes, entertainers, business people and alike to maximise their potential and create a flawless personal brand. Have a listen to her chat with Clay to find out what motivates the motivator!

Ep. 167